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Our family, the owner of the ACP Huerta Encantada Chaparrí, works to develop economic activities to achieve sustainability for the Reserve. We have created a company to operate the lodge and the restaurant of the Huerta Encantada, which offers jobs to local residents.

The Andean Bear Rescue Center, the Ruta de Los Encantos, the Interpretation Center, a rest area with a restaurant, swimming pool, and the lodge, are located on the 100 hectares of the ACP Huerta Encantada Chaparrí.

For more than 20 years, we have been working together with the Santa Catalina de Chongoyape Peasant Community, owner of most of the Reserve, to add value to the natural, archaeological; and cultural heritage of the region. The private conservation area ACP Chaparrí, the first in Peru and the largest in the Lambayeque region, protects 34,412 hectares of equatorial dry forest. It also serves as a refuge for species such as the spectacled bear, the hite-winged guan, the Andean condor, pumas, deer, and more. Immerse yourself in the captivating natural wonders that the Chaparrí Reserve offers with a transcendental experience that will disconnect you from the routine and recharge your soul. We offer guided tours throughout the reserve, personal experiences with the local fauna, and welcoming stays in our cozy ecolodge. 

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  1. Leonardo Adachi Kanashiro

    Felicitaciones por la web page pero tengo dudas
    1. Los precios en soles incluyen IGV y otros impuestos ?
    2. Los precios en soles incluyen desayuno bb iffetr o desayuno continental?
    3. Cuál es el costo de almuerzos, lunch, cenas y bar? No encuentro detalles de la carta y del bar.
    4. Buen diseño de la web page !!!!

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