Discover the Chaparri Ecological Reserve your way through the options we have available. The reserve is just 90 minutes away from the city of Chiclayo.

Excursion of the Day

Enjoy an exciting day in Chaparrí, where we take care of your every need, including transportation from Chiclayo, lunch, and an experienced guide who will accompany you on this beautiful tour. If you have your own transportation to the reserve or want to celebrate a special event. Contact us to reserve your lunch adventure!

Overnight Tours

Adventures are also available after dark, so we have 12 rooms to accommodate you under millions of stars.

Custom Tours

There are many unforgettable places to see around Chaparrí. Design your tour so you can experience everything this region has to offer. We are sure it will all take your breath away.

Healthy Destination

All staff members at our lodge have been trained to follow COVID-19 protocols for the safety of our guests. These measures include the proper use of masks, disinfection, and physical distancing both in the kitchen and in common areas of the property. We use an ozone generator and a Thermo Nebulizer to disinfect all rooms and common areas between each group visit. And there is plenty of open space available to ensure proper physical distancing between guests and staff. The bungalow accommodations are separated by a good distance from each other and all common areas are outdoors, including the dining room.

We use an ozone generator and a thermo nebulizer to disinfect the rooms and environments between each group. Our facilities are very appropriate to respect a social distance with other eventual guests.
Our facilities are very appropriate to respect a social distance with other eventual guests.

The bungalows are distant from each other and all common areas (including the dining room) are outdoors.

Chaparrí Ecolodge

Our property features 12 unique rooms, each displaying its own style and ambiance.
Choose from Bear, Fox, and Hummingbird to find the accommodations that are most comfortable and suited to the type of adventure you want to experience.

  • A unique experience ... the lodge, perfectly integrated into the "Huerta Encantada" offers comfort and hospitality in a nature resurrected by a committed community.
    The guides are exceptional ... the cooks too!

    Pierre Gay

  • The first time I went to Chaparrí was 12 years ago. Now my son is 14 and I have a daughter of 7, the 4 of us fulfilled our dream of waking up together in Chaparrí. An oasis of peace, good vibes and love of nature. Enjoying all the comforts and security, for a pleasant stay. And if they ask us if we would return, the 4 of us will yell Yes!

    Pili Mesones

  • Chaparri ecological reserve is a slice of paradise in the middle of an amazing dry forest. The stunning lodge, the delicious food, the friendly people and most of all the incredible wildlife is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Chaparri should be a global blueprint for ecotourism and conservation.

    Forrest Galante
    Animal Planet presenter